Official Pandora Cerise Murano Glass Charm with White Hearts

Pandora Glass Charms: Pandora Cerise Murano Glass Charm featuring White Hearts


This vibrant official Pandora Cerise Murano glass charm bead makes a wonderful addition to any European style charm bracelet. The eye-catching cerise Murano glass surrounds a sterling silver core with small white heart shaped stones embedded within the Murano glass. These eye-catching heart shaped stones signify love and make this a wonderful charm for Valentines day.

Pandora Cerise Murano

Being an official Pandora charm the cerise Murano glass is certified as official Murano glass produced by the master glass blowers on the island of Murano near Venice, Italy. These craftsmen have been making glass items for centuries and the glass they produce is widely accepted as being the best quality glass in the world.

Buy Official Pandora Murano Charms with Confidence

All of the official Pandora charms listed on this site are supplied by registered Pandora retailers that can be found listed on the Pandora website. Buying from official retailers gives you reassurance that all the materials such as silver and Murano glass used in the charm are what they say they are and that the product will come with all the correct packaging.