Gold, one of the most sort after and valuable substances on Earth, its beautiful luster attracts the eye making it a perfect material to create jewellery out of. There are hundreds of Pandora Compatible beads and charms made out of gold in a range of styles and themes. The gold in these charms varies from 14kt gold to gold plating so you’ll always be able to find a golden charm that fits your budget.

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The History of Gold

Discovered in the Middle East as early as 6000 BC, Gold has always been valued by man kind, its initial value came from its rarity and its beauty but since then many uses have been found for this attractive yellowish metal. Its resistance to chemical reactions and corrosion coupled with it electrical conductivity make it an ideal substance for electrical components, dental fillings, shielding from certain types of radiation as well as many decorative uses such as coloured glass, gold leafing and coinage.

Gold is one of the softest metals making it extremely workable, one gram of gold can be flattened out to cover 100cm square and gold leaf can be beaten until its semi transparent letting a blueish light pass through it. these characteristics mean it can be worked into any shape imaginable.