Pandora Compatible Birthday Charms

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Charms & Beads for Special Birthdays

Jewellery for a girl has the power to turn any bad day into a great one and it can soften any hardened heart. The best thing about receiving jewellery on birthdays and special occasions is that you get to remember it for a lifetime.

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Girls, Birthdays And Jewellery: The Perfect Mix

I think every girl remembers her milestone birthdays from the time she turns 16. I remember my 16th birthday like it was only yesterday (Truthfully, I have a vivid memory of all of them since.)

Sweet 16

A girl’s 16th birthday is a monumental time. Being a real daddy’s girl, my dad added a bit of class to my birthday present by giving me a key holder with a green gemstone at the centre. Given, it wasn’t real, but I valued it highly. If Pandora had been around then Id of loved a charm or bead as a memento. I especially like the Heart Shaped Sweet 16 Dangle Charm

Jewellery for her 18th Birthday

For my 18th birthday, things got a little more intense. This was a big one. I was finally considered an adult and would drop the word “teen” from my age. By this time, I had made some pretty good friends in school and I was lavished with gifts. Those who knew me really well knew that I loved jewellery. My boyfriend got me a pretty silver earring and my dad got me a lovely silver necklace with an emerald. I was stoked! The two matched perfectly and I even wondered if they had bought the two as a set. I went for dinner that night adorned in my gifts, stepping into the restaurant like I was the queen of England and everyone was waiting for me to arrive. That was one of the best nights of my life!

20’s and beyond

Now for my twenties. I was having finals on my birthday and I had actually forgotten what day it was. That was until I walked into my house and found my family and closest friends waiting to surprise me. What was even more or a surprise was when my boyfriend went down on one knee and proposed to me, holding out the most exquisite piece of jewellery I had ever seen. The perfect ring. It fitted me like the glass slipper on its owner and it gleamed just right in the light. You can imagine that I broke down in tears, saying yes.