Halloween Charms and Beads

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There are no official Pandora charms currently released for Halloween however we’ve scoured the internet to find you a large selection of Pandora Compatible charms and beads from a range of manufacturers. These charms include Halloween witches, Halloween pumpkins as well as Gargoyles and a whole host of different skull design charms. Have a look at the selection below and choose your perfect Halloween charm for the spooky season.

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Halloween Charm Manufacturers / Designers

Official Pandora Halloween Charms

There are currently no official Pandora Halloween Charms available. If you know of any please let us know and we’ll add them to our site.

Halloween Charms from NinaQueen

Our favourite designer of Halloween charms is NinaQueen, her Halloween themed beads are bright, colourful and original .

Global WIN Halloween Charms

Global WIN make a unique range of charms for Halloween including witches and goblins.

Queenberry Beads for Halloween

Queenberry make a small range of skull charm beads for Halloween.