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Compare Different Charm Bracelets

Charm bracelets are all the range these days and many different brands have released their version of the charm bracelet to be compatible with their style charm beads. All of them are slightly different charm bracelets. Here's our comparison of all the major brands of charm bracelet:

What do the different charm bracelets look like?

The Pandora Bracelet

Perhaps the best know charm bracelet is the Classic Silver Pandora Bracelet, Pandora currently only make one style of metal charm bracelet.

Compare Charm Bracelets: The Pandora Bracelet
The Pandora Bracelet

Pandora is completely round bracelet which flexes but due to its metal memory it will always return to its original shape. It fastens to the wrist by bending the bracelet and twisting over the wrist, then simply fasten the clasp. The charms on Panodra bracelets can sometimes slip around towards the clasp. We recommend these silicone stoppers which can be purchased separately, these can be moved around to keep your charms where you want them.

Chamilia Charm Bracelets

Chamilia make two different styles of charm bracelet, the original flex bracelet and the new brilliance bracelet.

Different Charm Bracelets: Chamilia Flex Bracelet
The Chamilia Flex Bracelet

The Chamilia flex has 2 spring loaded end caps that come off by pushing and twisting. The bracelet comes with 2 movable silver stoppers which allow you to wear all your charms at the top of the bracelet so as not to catch on things under your wrist. Alternatively you can remove them to allow your charms to move freely around your entire wrist. The bracelet is put on by simply twisting it on.

Different Charm Bracelets: Chamilia Brilliance Bracelet
The Chamilia Brilliance Bracelet

The Chamilia Brilliance is encrusted with Swarovski crystals on one side of the clasp and a small Chamilia branding on the reverse, the bracelet is very similar to the Pandora bracelet with a similar style clasp, the main difference is that the Chamilia bracelet is oval instead of circular. The bracelet is hollow and has metal memory to make it spring back to its original shape

The Trollbeads Bracelet

Trollbeads currently only make one style of metal charm bracelet.

Compare Charm Bracelets: The Trollbeads Bracelet
The Trollbeads Bracelet

Trollbeads bracelet is a solid silver smooth bracelet that simply slides over the wrist, it has a stopper at either end which should be supplied when you buy your Trollbeads bracelet however they are available separately here. The bracelet is rather expensive compared to the others because the bangle itself is solid and not hollow like the others.

Ohm Charm Bracelets

Ohm make two different styles of charm bracelet, the Smooth Bracelet and the textured Twist Bracelet.

Different Charm Bracelets: OHM Smooth Bracelet
OHM Smooth Bracelet

The smooth bracelet from Ohm is an oval bracelet very similar to the Chamilia, the metal also has metal memory meaning it will spring back to its original shape after being bent or twisted. The clasp on the Smooth Ohm Bracelet is very easy to use as it opens by simply squeezing it and closes in a very similar way.

Compare Charm Bracelets: OHM Twisted Bracelet
OHM Twisted Bracelet

The Twisted Bracelet from Ohm has all the same features as the smooth bracelet however the main part of the bracelet is made from twisted metal rather than smooth metal. It has the same easy to use clasp making it very easy to put on and take off.

Which Charms are Compatible with the Different Charm Bracelets

Trollbeads have the smallest hole which means that ALL beads are compatible with the Trollbeads bracelet.

Pandora has threads on the end and so can only be used with large core beads.

Chamiia flex are very similar to Trollbeads and so all beads are compatible.

Chamlia Brilliance has the same threads as Pandora so is not compatible with the smaller Trollbeads but is compatible with Pandora beads.

The persona bracelet has no threading and so is fully compatible with all brands.

Both The ohm bracelets has a small end cap which makes it incompatible with the smaller troll beads.

We search the following jewelery stores for Pandora compatible beads and charms